The 10 most tattooed people in the world

Scotland, Tom Wooldrige his real name, known as the Leopard Man or the leopard Man of Skye. A man with most of the body tattooed, considered by the Guinness Records, has spent more 5,500 euros on the modifications in his body, covering his skin almost completely like a leopard, as a pattern of color. He currently lives in sheltered accommodations ...

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These young Mexicans created EVA, a bra that helps detect breast cancer.

The handheld device detects if the mammary gland temperature rises, which can be a strong indicator of the disease in early stages. To help detect breast cancer, a group of young Mexican University students-between 18 and 24 years-created a bra that measures the temperature of the mammary glands and detects if there are abnormalities that will warn the emergence of ...

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Jared Leto will play Hugh Hefner in the tycoon’s biographical film

Hugh hefner

The American actor will be responsible for giving life to the founder of Playboy magazine on the big screen. “Jared is an old friend.” When he learned that he had the rights to Hef’s story, he told me ‘ I want to interpret it, I want to understand it, ‘ said Brett Ratner, the director of the tape, according to ...

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The 10 countries with the most outstanding food in the world

For those who are very colmilludos and like to move the mustache, I share this post of the best food in the world, so they have more dining options. Then the 10 countries with the most outstanding food in the world do not miss it Share it with your friends and family . . . 10. Lebanese Foo Presuming to ...

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Insurance for motorcycles and cars are the ones that most people have

Insurance for motorcycles and cars are the ones that most people have. After the policies for vehicles and motorcycles, what most people have is life insurance and funerals, with 37% and 28%, respectively. The policies for cars and motorcycles are the most owned by the people, according to a study conducted by Brandstrat that found that 52% of the people ...

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15 absolutely amazing collections that are all over the world

Barbie Dolls

15 absolutely amazing collections that are all over the world, in this article we will show the best collections around the world, people who are amateur some series, brand, model where you were surprised these people as has spent thousands of dollars In their absurd collections but very surprising. Then the 15 largest and most incredible collections in the world. ...

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15 photographs that will impress or disturb you


On the Internet everyday everything can happen, and that’s why we love him so much, right? But there are also things that produce a double feeling, something between printing and a deep disturbance. The pictures you’re about to see are something like that, so be prepared mentally for a teaspoon of the deepest Internet. Prepared? No? Anyway, here we go! 15 ...

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15 Details of everyday products you’re not using well

In the following article we will see some details that you always wonder why they are there, some details that if not for this article did not mean the meaning and you suggest asked why? Details that at first sight is of no use Why does the pen have a hole in the top of the lid? Why is the spaghetti ...

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